Welsh Mountain Ponies & Miniature Shetlands

Emmarr Fascination returns

Well how sad, but l have to say not disappointed,  l was to hear that  Emmarr Fascination was needing to come back home to Emmarr Stud after being sold just 6 weeks previously.  Sadly the previous owner after having a serious riding accident early last year has made a hard decision to do this as she just felt she needed some time to herself  due to her having lost all her confidence  and therefore this has prompted her to  give up  the horses. She told me that she had lost her heart and enjoyment with them, but this had been a hard decision , she reassured us that  it was not Fascinations fault at all “cos she’s a sweetie and coming on nicely”. It means a lot to me to know where my ponies go therefore l bought her back as l want to be responsible owner. I at least owe Fascination that