Welsh Mountain Ponies & Miniature Shetlands


Heartbroken and totally devasted

I am not sure where to start this except to say that my heart is totally broken I am completely devastated. Today we lost two ponies both to colic they were in being pampered loved and cared for and enjoying life in the stables but unusually for us being prepared for possibly some of the earlier shows. l feel so bad and distraught that they suffered throughout the night and no one there to be with them, unrealistic l know but l can’t help this feeling.. People that know me well know the bond l have with the ponies they are my life and now just a part of that has been taken away.. When my ponies are in they are always checked last thing at night and were both happy and contented on my last check at 22.00hrs. I feel like l will never ever get over this, but l know l have to for the sake of the other ponies. To some other people l am sure they think well it happens , yes it does but it hurts so much to see innocent young pony faces looking at you needing help, and yet there is nothing you could do to help them. I know l will never forget this traumatic day for as long as l live.
RIP Emmarr De Medici (PTS at 08.45hrs)
RIP Emmarr Ti Amo ( PTS at 16.20hrs)
We did everything we could and gave the ponies the best chance possible.
Goodbye my little darlings you were so so precious in my life this hurts so very very much xxxxxxxxxx

Goodbye my darling Rupert

It is with much sadness that a horse that once belonged to Giles Hopper who we took on after his fatal fall at Charing was sadly put to sleep today The beloved Diamond Way. (AKA Rupert) He has been out at the most fantastic home for the last 12yrs with his faithful friend Buckledown who sadly past away three years ago.. Diamond Way had a long racing career he did everything from racing on the flat under rules and then point to pointing. He was used as a hunt masters horse, but was also a brilliant and l mean brilliant showjumper. He has been retired for several years now and has lived a happy life being loved and cared for by the Trevor family in Cheshire. I want to openly thank both Sue and Mike and their daughter Nicki for all the love and attention shown to these boys, it is not easy to find the perfect home for ex-racehorses (Both would have stayed with me if we hadn’t) I just couldn’t have found a better home for them, when we started to breed Welsh A ponies. It broke my heart to see them go I admit l sobbed for three hours solid, but l always knew they would be so loved. My darling Rupert thank you for the memories of which l have many. I think the day l bought you was the day after New Year and l was still drunk when asked to ride you.. it was so funny but you looked after me. Your harmless behaviour and your safety around all that knew you was your asset, not a malice bone in your body. You will be loved and missed and remembered with so much love and affection. You are now safely home with you first dad and my friend Giles..xxxxxxxxxx

Will always be in my thoughts

A days judging at South staffs show

What a fantastic day l have had judging at the South Staffs Show, being able to judge some beautiful ponies .  This is one of the most friendly shows l have been to where hospitality is given in the bucket loads, they really look after you.  The competitors are always so willing to learn more and will ask for feedback to improve.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome

Some comments receive

  1. I would like to say the judge inhand today was fanrasric towards the competitor’s an explained everything to each and everyone of them and was a pleasure to watch judges like this make amateur showing worth while x

2)      Just a quick thank you for today. You travelled miles to judge today and there has been some fabulous feed back

3)     South Staffs Show Well said Tracey Bowen. Raymond Harrison well done Julie x

4)     South Staffs Show He is a fabulous judge and to travel the distance do a long day with great classes then drive home shows his dedication and love for the job… Julie

5)    Dawn Hoffman Thanks Tracey lovely feedback Dawn x

6)    Wayne Jackson For wat I saw of him he was a super judge an very fair

7)    Kerry Kingscott He was a super judge, my granddaughter got upset he spoke to her lovely told her not to worry and told the person behind her to keep there distance from the back of Honey. It was fantastic the way he was with her and the other thank you Raymond Harrison. Xx

8)    Kirsty Gregg I’ve had Raymond as a judge before he is fantastic x

9)    Carolle Lee Jones Well done mr Raymond Harrison wonderful job today and very tough ring some gorgous ponies always a pleasure to watch you xxx


10)   Julie Smith Always welcome and highly recommend Raymond Harrison to judge for any show. You spent the time to make every competitor feel important and gave brilliant feed back to them all

High Horse Showing Society Judges Assessment Day

Had a great day at the High Horse Showing Society  judges assessment day yesterday.  Learnt so much about Traditional Gypsy Cobs , Vanners and Natives.. Also  some good reminders about safeguarding ourselves as judges and competitors, and an interesting discussion  about the media and having integrity.  Once again thank you for a great day  I always so enjoy the company and the friendliness of this whole organisation. I can now finally say that l am a silver panel judge for this society ..after going through a year of assessments.. Thank you

The Move day is 1st March

Well the time will soon be here for us to vacate this beautiful property which stands in a stunning location  for pastures new.  We have so wanted more land to keep the ponies in the way they have grown accustomed to, Mike says most people would sell a few ponies and not buy a new house .. Now l ask you how could I..?  Anyhow  we hope all our previous visitors will still come back to see us and we hope that  we get to see some new visitors to the stud.  All we ask is that you contact us first to let us know to avoid disappointment of a wasted journey.  Anyhow l will keep you all up dated  throughout the process.

NEWS 2017

Well the New Year has started and we now have the whole show season to look forward to, exciting times ahead. We hope to have moved house over the next couple of months but more on that as and when we know. We are also looking at showing one of our home breds at one of the very early shows for us at Lampeter so all is very exciting.

Emmarr Fascination returns

Well how sad, but l have to say not disappointed,  l was to hear that  Emmarr Fascination was needing to come back home to Emmarr Stud after being sold just 6 weeks previously.  Sadly the previous owner after having a serious riding accident early last year has made a hard decision to do this as she just felt she needed some time to herself  due to her having lost all her confidence  and therefore this has prompted her to  give up  the horses. She told me that she had lost her heart and enjoyment with them, but this had been a hard decision , she reassured us that  it was not Fascinations fault at all “cos she’s a sweetie and coming on nicely”. It means a lot to me to know where my ponies go therefore l bought her back as l want to be responsible owner. I at least owe Fascination that

Judging at the High Horse Christmas show

Had a fantastic day judging at the High Horse Christmas show today doing all the in-hand classes. Today was the day l was accepted as a Silver Panel judge for the High Horse Showing Society, a role in which l feel honoured to do. My champion today was this beautiful Welsh A foal.


New home for Emmarr Fascination

Today was a sad day as today our beautiful home bred filly foal Emmarr Fascination went to her new home, good luck to Charlie and family with her and l hope you have much success .