Welsh Mountain Ponies & Miniature Shetlands

Heartbroken and totally devasted

I am not sure where to start this except to say that my heart is totally broken I am completely devastated. Today we lost two ponies both to colic they were in being pampered loved and cared for and enjoying life in the stables but unusually for us being prepared for possibly some of the earlier shows. l feel so bad and distraught that they suffered throughout the night and no one there to be with them, unrealistic l know but l can’t help this feeling.. People that know me well know the bond l have with the ponies they are my life and now just a part of that has been taken away.. When my ponies are in they are always checked last thing at night and were both happy and contented on my last check at 22.00hrs. I feel like l will never ever get over this, but l know l have to for the sake of the other ponies. To some other people l am sure they think well it happens , yes it does but it hurts so much to see innocent young pony faces looking at you needing help, and yet there is nothing you could do to help them. I know l will never forget this traumatic day for as long as l live.
RIP Emmarr De Medici (PTS at 08.45hrs)
RIP Emmarr Ti Amo ( PTS at 16.20hrs)
We did everything we could and gave the ponies the best chance possible.
Goodbye my little darlings you were so so precious in my life this hurts so very very much xxxxxxxxxx