Welsh Mountain Ponies & Miniature Shetlands

News 2015

26th July 2015 Well what a day we had today taking little Emmarr Romanticka our first homebred out on her first journey in the lorry (Only learnt to load the day before) first time off the yard to a local show.  I couldn’t have dreamt what was about to happen to us.  She went into her first class and won that, then she had to spend 4.5hrs stood on the lorry waiting for the pony championship (she was well behaved but got slightly impatient) She went into the pony championship and won and then went on to go supreme of the day.. I was so over joyed being she is a homebred pony and to do so well at her first show.. What a day three fabulous trophies and my first ever sash.. A real day to remember.  Thank you my darling Romanticka.xx

July 2015  Have had yet another great year with our visitors over the RWAS week some as far afield as Australia Denise (our loyal friend next year will be incredibly exciting), Sweden (Pia and Hasse (Hans) and Scotland (Janice and Rab) we have also had a few homebreds here in Wales (Lisa, Peter,Jack, Ress and toddler) and England (Ann Bale-Williams) ..We hope you all enjoyed your visit and that you enjoyed your time with us.  We also had the unmatchable Ann to stay for her usual RWAS  this lady is so much fun and has a great knowledge base.  Thank you for the great times we have spent together

27th January 2015  Today was another very sad day at the Emmarr Stud having lost our faithful friend Barry our Jack Russell 19yrs old and full brother to Dinky who died just three months ago.  Barry has left a big space in my heart.  He will never be forgotten for the time he came back home from a solo trip out across the field only to return 4hrs later with an old sheep’s head in his mouth , which stank to high heavens but Barry was never going to let us have it.  He was the great protector and really loved his owners.  My lasting vision of Barry will be having taken him to the vets cuddled in a towel with his sorrowful face looking back at me.. He knew his life was over  and when l went to kiss him goodbye he licked my face.  Michael then took him into the vets (as l just can’t do this) and now he is at peace buried in the garden next to his beloved sister Dinky..  Barry thank you for many happy years  and the memories will be happy ones.. I know we will meet again and l can’t wait until that day you bound across the clouds to greet me , l promise l will never let you go again.. RIP my buddy and best faithful friend.