Emmarr Stud

Welsh Mountain Ponies – Section A

Royal Welsh

Well RWAS week was the week we had been so looking forward to with all our wonderful visitors from Holland, Australia, Sweden and local we also had  two friends stay at the house for a couple of nights over this week..  Wow what a week it turned out to be ,  having plucked up the courage to show our two stallions , Baledon Michelangelo and Dyfed Czar  at the famous showground.. How proud we were to see them in the ring but this was not without incident, when Angelo’s bridle broke 2 minutes before entering the ring all credit must go to his handler who did the most amazing job, despite nearly losing the bridle and the added complication of a loose cob colt running about.. How proud we were to see him be called into 8th spot initially , we were happy with that but it got better , after his individual show he was moved up to 6th , and that long awaited card we got. Not bad given this was only Angelo’s second ever appearance in the show ring.   Now not to be out done Dyfed Czar put on a lovely show for his Australian runner , Darryl was so commited to do this despite having broken his leg  just two months before hand, he also had the added complication of a kidney infection, however he soldiered on and showed Dyfed Czar beautifully in the ring the first time he has graced the ring in 3yrs and he came a very pleasing and creditable 7th being beaten by seasoned campaigners most of the one’s in front of him had medalled in the past two years.. He loved his experience and so did we   so thank you everyone for such a great time.


Another day probationary judging

Undertook another day probationary judging, had a fantastic day working with Lesley Peate what a fantastic experience seeing this from a hunters world as well, doing the in-hand classes learning about how to make a solid decision based on what was seen and done and looking at correct attire for classes etc. Then in the afternoon judged with Roy Mason Williams wow what a professional this man is he has so much knowledge can spot things a mile off almost before the horse pony comes into the ring, I learnt a few valuable lessons from this man about way of going and how to properly assess . I was proud of the fact that he had so much confidence in me with regards to confirmation and type and was honoured when he stated he would be happy for me to do confirmation judging whenever he was a ride judge.

Judging in Abergavenny

Had a fantastic day judging in Abergavenny with the lovely Tracy Hook who l learnt so much from. Got some fantastic feedback from competitors and some good feedback from the show committee itself. They have stated that they would like me to judge again at some point..

My first probationary judges appointment

Wow what a great day l have had today, having done one of my first probationary judges appointments with Nigel Vale. It has been a great learning experience , l learnt so much about shetland ponies, and backends on horses.. Nigel was fun to judge with making feel at ease to be able to say what l thought. I really respect this man and hopefully one day will judge with him in the future.. Thank you Nigel you gave me a great experience..

High Horse Showing Society judges training

Well l finally decided to embark on some judges training and have taken the opportunity to do this with High Horse Showing Society which commenced with an assessment day today. A brilliant society which was set up by competitors, for competitors who offer fun affordable shows with panal judges who have a wealth of expertise and who are willing to share their knowledge. High Horse Showing Society has it’s own judging panel and has held two yearly judges conferences. Starting from the judges conference , High Horse Showing Society runs a highly successfull judges, stewards and junior judges training scheme, everyone mentored and is able to shadow one of the panel judges at shows offering judges training practical days with hands on demos from some of the gold panel judges. Below was our first day of assessment. I now have a few probationary judging appointments with a final assessment in hopefully October time.


A great start to 2016

Well what a great start to 2016 with us purchasing our new horse box . The ponies are all looking well despite the constant rainfall. The stallions and 2 geldings (Gift & Bleddyn) have been in for about a month now and it is time they went back out so the ladies can now have a few home comforts. It also will be a good time to start to nurture them a little ladies especially the pregnant ones

News 2015

26th July 2015 Well what a day we had today taking little Emmarr Romanticka our first homebred out on her first journey in the lorry (Only learnt to load the day before) first time off the yard to a local show.  I couldn’t have dreamt what was about to happen to us.  She went into her first class and won that, then she had to spend 4.5hrs stood on the lorry waiting for the pony championship (she was well behaved but got slightly impatient) She went into the pony championship and won and then went on to go supreme of the day.. I was so over joyed being she is a homebred pony and to do so well at her first show.. What a day three fabulous trophies and my first ever sash.. A real day to remember.  Thank you my darling Romanticka.xx

July 2015  Have had yet another great year with our visitors over the RWAS week some as far afield as Australia Denise (our loyal friend next year will be incredibly exciting), Sweden (Pia and Hasse (Hans) and Scotland (Janice and Rab) we have also had a few homebreds here in Wales (Lisa, Peter,Jack, Ress and toddler) and England (Ann Bale-Williams) ..We hope you all enjoyed your visit and that you enjoyed your time with us.  We also had the unmatchable Ann to stay for her usual RWAS  this lady is so much fun and has a great knowledge base.  Thank you for the great times we have spent together

27th January 2015  Today was another very sad day at the Emmarr Stud having lost our faithful friend Barry our Jack Russell 19yrs old and full brother to Dinky who died just three months ago.  Barry has left a big space in my heart.  He will never be forgotten for the time he came back home from a solo trip out across the field only to return 4hrs later with an old sheep’s head in his mouth , which stank to high heavens but Barry was never going to let us have it.  He was the great protector and really loved his owners.  My lasting vision of Barry will be having taken him to the vets cuddled in a towel with his sorrowful face looking back at me.. He knew his life was over  and when l went to kiss him goodbye he licked my face.  Michael then took him into the vets (as l just can’t do this) and now he is at peace buried in the garden next to his beloved sister Dinky..  Barry thank you for many happy years  and the memories will be happy ones.. I know we will meet again and l can’t wait until that day you bound across the clouds to greet me , l promise l will never let you go again.. RIP my buddy and best faithful friend.

News 2014

26th October 2014 It is with so much sadness that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Jack Russell Dinky today.  She gave us 19 happy years of love and devotion.  I will never forget how she loved having her tummy rubbed and with the excitement she use to wee herself. Dinky you have been ispirational to Barry your darling brother  who had been so ill for the last 6 months and you were always there to look after him although you did try and steal his food.  He is still with us.  We will so miss you around the Emmarr stud but you will forever be with us not only in thought but in spirit and mind as you are buried in your place in the garden.  We love d you so much.  RIP my best friend.

I am sure Dinky would be telling me this as my Guardian Angel, this poem is so apt…….


I know that you must miss me, by the tears rolling down your face, but believe me when l tell you that, I’m in a very good place

There are meadows here to run in, and plenty of rabbits to chase, there are other dogs to play with, to frolic with and race

So please don’t worry about me, my spirit feels light as can be, there’s no more pain to plague me, I’m young again and free

And I’ll be watching over you still, of that you can be sure, I’m your canine guardian angel, and my love for you remains pure

3rd October Today we enjoyed some lovely visitors to the stud from Sweden .  Sara Stomberg and friends came along and spent the day with us here at Emmarr.  We had so lovely conversation, and what a pleasure it was to meet this lady personally as l have always admired and respected the ponies in her stud.  We really hope that little Emily enjoyed her day as well she seemed very confident around our ponies who rarely see the little people.  Once again wwe would like to thank you for your visit and you are welcome back at anytime like all our visitors.

28th September Had some very important friends from the Netherlands visit our stud today the Hoeke family who we bought  Pontgam sweetheart from 9yrs ago.  We hoped they enjoyed their visit to our stud

7th September  Judged the in-hand classes at Hundred House  show today , yet another great day with the highest horse entries seen at the show, I was proud to feel that a couple of bigger studs came and showed under me  and respected my judging

30th August Went to our first and only show of the year at Knighton had a nice day having taken 2 ponies Bluehaven Dinah who won the broodmare class and was 2nd in the Veteran class, sadly she lost her unbeaten veteran show record today. We also took the beautiful Tillybo Moonflower who just didn;t fire but got placed 3rd and 4th in her classes we learnt however that she was in season when we got back home hence the reason for her unusual lack lustre performance.

10th August Had another fantastic day judging at a local show Anchor, and was very pleased with the turn out given the awful weather of Hurricane Bertha.. However it is great experience for future reference and l so so enjoyed my day , so thank you all the competitors and show organisers.  Again some fabulous comments received via Face book  ” Thank you for judging fairly and the helpfull comments xxx

July 25th  Today saw the return of the troublesome crew from Scotland Moira, Jennette  and Sophie , also Tara from Taraco stud made a visit for the first time.  It is a sure certainty that this evening is always going to be filled with fun and laughter and it never fails .. You know you are always welcome here just like al our visitors and we just know that we have sealed a friendship that will last forever.  Once again thank you for al the goodies  and yes the Haggis has gone ..In Michaels tummy !

24th July.. Today saw the arrival on the lovely Ann Bale Williams of Baledon Stud who it is always a pleasure to accommodate over the RWAS period, such wealth of knowledge and a real scream once we get going.. Thank you again once again for all the lovely cakes and veggies you bring you are a superstar and manage so very very well.  Today also saw some new visitors to Emmarr Stud in the form of some very lovely Finnish friends.  What a pleasure it was to entertain these lovely people who had a great command of the English language , well much better than my Finnish !!  Again thank you for your thoughtful gifts

23rd July Today saw more returning visitors with a few new visitors Davina and gang along with Anita, once agai great conversation and a great evening was had by all.  Thank you for you lovely gifts also.

19th July Well what a fabulous RWAS week we had again with visitors to the stud from all over the world.  Saturday we had one returning visitor from Australia in Denise Tate, how lovely it was to see her again.  She brought a right character friend with her  and again so lovely to meet Daryl King “I think l could learn a lot from you” Hopefully we have made a friend for life.. Once again thank you for you wonderful gifts

26th May  Was asked and given the honour to judge at one of our local shows called LLanbister show, there were huge entries and we had a very enjoyable successful day albeit a long day which concluded in the supreme Championship being judged at 20.15hrs

News 2013

4th October Had two visitors to the stud today We hope that Lenka, Michel, Martin and David enjoyed your visit all the way from the Czech republic.  What a great knowledge base you have of our beautiful ponies.  We would like to thank you for the most enjoyable time we spent with you and we hope that you come back to visit again next year.  Our second visitors were all the way from Holland , infact Theo is a returning visitor from two years ago however his wife the Engelein this was her first visit to our stud as she is usually busy organising shows in Holland with the equivalent WPCS.  Again we hope you had a nice time and please feel free to come back and see us anytime.

24th August  Had another fantastic day showing , whereby Bluehaven Dinah won the Veteran class (8entries) and Friars Celebrity won the M&M and also the A&B Welsh class (Both with 8+ entries) .  To top the day off Friars Celebrity went Champion in-hand and Bluehaven Dinah went Reserve Champion in -hand

10th August  Well we had the best day showing ever at Llandewi show where we took Bluehaven Dinah she beat 10 other veterans to win her veteran class, she flew around the ring like the pro she is.  Then we also took Bluehaven Delfina for her first ever outing with us , and who not been shown since a foal into the mountain and moorland class where she beat 14 rivals to win her class.  We were so pleased with her and felt we had achieved and done a good days work but, NO it really got better and better, Delfina then went into the strong mare & gelding class with 12 other rivals and also won this.  She ended the day by being “high points” champion and Supreme Champion of show.

23rd July  Well after a fantastic display of cob stallions at the RWAS l met up as agreed with some very special people and friends from Scotland Moria Jeanette and Sophie.  It seems to be becoming a tradition that we met up now and what a great evening we had, full of laughs and fun , made even more funny to know when you left us at gone midnight you got locked out of your B&B  and had to sleep in the car.. Thank you for a great time and all the lovely gifts. I am already contemplating next year lol !!

22nd July After a great first day at the show we had another couple of visitors in Davinia and Michael.  We met as friends on facebook so it was great to meet you in person and show you around our stud, hopefully you will be able to spend more time with us next time.

22nd July  We had some returning visitors in Eileen and Dave Wormold (Tillybo Stud) , and Sue and Kelvin Day (Blethyn Stud), yes another who took first place at the RWAS show well done Sue and Kelvin.  It was great to have time to show them around the stud and show them how things had changed from their last visit.  We also had pleasure in being able to show Eileen and Dave one of their homebred in Tillybo Moonflower.  Later that evening our permanent resident over RWAS and Faye Oaks week arrived namely Ann Bale-Williams (Baledon Stud) armed with lots of goodies and her famous cakes and cheesecakes along with numerous other things.  So great to have a wealth on knowledge experience to share our home with over such a prestigious week of showing.  We hope you enjoyed your stay and visiting the boy Baledon Michelangelo.

21st July  Had four lovely visitors to the stud, Lynneann and Alison from Scotland.. It was great to meet you both and was pleased with your success at RWAS. Thank you for the lovely gift which we will treasure.   Later that evening we had two wonderful ladies Denise and Heather, who looked forlorn when l picked them up at RWAS showground (nudge nudge wink wink).  They were visiting all the way from Australia.  We had a lovely chat about Eppynt Shot who Denise owns.. We really hope they enjoyed there visit.  Thank you also for your lovely gift and a great momento to remember you both by, hopefully you will be visiting again.

27th May  We took Emmarr Gift of Czar to his second ever show today and was so pleased that he produced what promise we saw in him by winning his class and a small trophy.  This is a very proud day for us at Emmarr Stud.  Our first winning homebred.. WELL DONE MY BOY!!


4th May well we took our first home bred Emmarr Gift of Czar to his first ever show, he was very well behaved and learnt a few new things which will put him in good stead for our next show

News 2012

21st October  It is with much sadness that we lost our beautiful yard feral cat Jigsaw today you will be sadly missed and always remembered.

21st September  Our beautiful stallion Dyfed Czar came back from his lease.. How very pleased we are to have this stunning stallion back home at Emmarr stud after having a fantastic year being totally spoilt in Scotland with Lynn and Sarah Tate.  Thank you both for looking after him so well he looks a million dollars, and has obviously loved his time with you.

29th July We caught up with our very good friends from South Africa after they visited the RWAS show.. Jack and Wehlia you are such great fun we love meeting with you every year.  Jack and Wehlia also brought two friends with them John and Maxine this year who we seem to hit it off with instantly.. We always look forward to RWAS week not only because of the show but to meet up with you again, role on 2013.

22nd July We had some lovely visitors from Scotland namely Moira, Jeanette and Janet

28th May  Stud visit from Boothsdale Stud, hope you enjoyed your day with us Barbara David and Rosie, great to see you all again

26th May  Had a fabulous time with four beautiful ladies who visited our stud today We hope you enjoyed it Patries and Co
20th May A very sad day here at Emmarr Stud , our long awaited foal out of Tillybo Moonflower was born but died needless to say I am totally devastated …… we only knew you for a little while but you were so very very precious RIP:- Emmar Alice May

3rd May a beautiful looking colt Emmarr Gift of Czar was born today by Dyfed Czar out of Oldhope Sian

21st April We are pleased to announce the arrival of a beautiful filly foal named Emmarr Amorae by Dyfed Czar out of Pontgam Sweetheart

19th February Our prefixed foal was sold and went to his new home today, not without a few tears l may add.  Look out for him his name is Emmarr Cymro Bach