Welsh Mountain Ponies – Section A



Remembering those precious moments

of all those we have lost


Now that we have been across to Rainbow  Bridge for a couple of Months, they said we should write a letter home, we are sorry our two dads  but we have been busy, that we haven’t thought of home much.  They said it was ok and that you both would understand. We hope you do.

Remember that morning when we were all feeling unwell and we were all crying ??, we don’t remember much but we do remember seeing and hearing you both and feeling your touch  and cuddles.  We remember hearing you both say “we love you so much” repeatedly and that one last comment “you can go now” We didn’t know what you meant so we turned  around and walked through the fog that was in front of us.  We saw the biggest bridge ever !! So many friends were on the other side, enjoying life pain free, you were right to tell us we had to go here. Our feet kept moving forward but our hearts kept pulling us back.  Your touches  and words became fainter each step, we wanted to come back and nudge your hand for more love, but we were so overcome by this feeling of homeliness, we took another step, we can’t explain it, but we had no doubt it was the right thing to do. We looked at you because you were always by our side, walking with us, but this was different. We felt free although you weren’t with us, we did not feel alone.  When we got here and all our friends greeted us warmly, they gave us a pair of our own wings and told us we are now your ‘Guardian Angel’.

We all have wings here and we all have Forever People to look over- that’s you  our two dads.
You’re my Forever Person and we are your Forever animals.
We will send another Earth Angel to all of our brothers and sisters that are with you
So, you won’t be alone. Give them your whole heart, like you gave us.

We’ll check in ever so often to make sure they treasure your love- We always did.

When your sad and miss us, think of a rainbow and know we are on the other side of it, waiting to walk with you again. We’ll always be in your heart. we love you, Dad! Time for me to go now… xxxxx







John’s Wager



This stunning looking gelding who we sent Point-To-Pointing was by the  great Ardross who lost by a head to Akiyda in the 1982 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, the final race of his career.


Hunzas Choice



Another of our Point-To-Pointers by Exhibitioner.  This horse was the most kindest horse you could ever wish to own.  He truly broke my heart when we lost him  which happened to be on the same day as my Younger Brothers  funeral.  Giddie thanks for the good times  Certainly was my one horse of  a lifetime




Conna was a very special man , in his day he was the most brilliant hunter and would take on and jump everything .  He was very quirky but so affectionate , but only when on his terms.  Conna had  the accolade of being the only horse that Princess Diana ever rode.  We had  8 great years with this stunning  horse before he was PTS as a result of a recurring injury sustained out hunting


Penboeth Ellen


Never has a pony imprinted so much joy and love into my heart as this beautiful Mare.  She was taken from us far too soon at the age of  just nine years old.  Many  a day l think of this beautiful girl and think what  might have been She was totally stunning so kind and gentle, and if l could clone any Welsh pony again she would be top of the list.  I miss her every day , l still have tears when l think of her.  Thank you Ellen you were my inspiration for starting our stud.


Winston (R)



Winston a very cherished  and loved Siamese who adored his brother Tuptim 2 (in picture) got killed on the main road .  This was such a devastating time for us all  and many a tear has been shed.


Sadly no pictures

Emmarr Adda


Adda was going to be our very first born foal at Emmarr Stud then my worst fears came true he was born dead.  We were so devastated as this was the very reason we hadn’t bred beforehand.  Poor Adda never saw this life  but even though we never got to know him he is still very special as he was the first.  His grave is still being cared for on the farm he was born at


Tuptim 2


The beloved brother of Winston who sadly suffered the same fate  as Winston having been killed on the road exactly 6 months later.  I remember this period of time with much sadness as we lost 3 animals in the space of 6 months, nothing can prepare you for such heartbreak. Tuptim2 was adored and loved by so many and had a character never to be matched by any other.




Rosie was the sister to the two boys above Winston and Tuptim2.  Rosie was the kindest most gentle Siamese one could have ever hoped for.  Rosie always looked after her  blind owner and used to guide him around the garden with her meow’s.  We looked after Norman who was Rosie’s owner until he died, Rosie stayed with us for the rest of her life.  There was nothing she liked more than snuggling down in bed with you and she wouldn’t move all night.  I really miss this beautiful girl.


Sadly no photograph

Emmarr Alice May


Sadly Alice May made this world but due to unforeseen circumstances died  at one day old.  This was the prettiest filly ever  and  she was a long awaited foal from the mare.  Sometimes things are just not meant to be.  Alice’s grave is still attended to on the farm she died.




Well what can l say about this character, he had  a career in National Hunt  Racing  and was then bought to go Point-To-Pointing, which we never did.  He was such a beautiful fellow l just couldn’t run him.  This horse gave me so much pleasure  and happiness in the years we had him, never sick or sorry.  He only left us for his permanent loan home (where he stayed for the rest of his life) because we wanted to start a Welsh A stud.  Buckledown so broke my heart when he was leaving the yard he would only load for me and kept whinnying.  I sobbed for hours. I did go and see him in his loan home  but  only the once as it was too heart breaking.  He had  a fantastic caring life until the end..





Dinky was part of our lives for 19yrs  her and her brother lived very happy rural life whereby they would disappear for hours on end and would return in their own time.  Dinky was an expert at playing deaf when called she was also an expert at looking so innocent so you felt sorry for her.  You could never tell her off her eyes wouldn’t let you. Dinky and your brother Barry we miss you so much and life has not been the same without you both around our farm





Both Barry and Dinky were very special to us as they were bought from a gypsy in the South East by our long time friend who subsequently died of Cancer.  Barry was a real manly dog and not always the most friendly around new people.  He always had those doe eyes to draw you in and would snap at you.  Barry l just adored as he was always so naughty , another that would go totally deaf when being called back in.  Many a time he would come strolling back with a sheep’s head in his mouth that had obviously died months beforehand (Not killed by Barry would never have that)   given the horrendous smell.  However Barry was so proud of his catch and he would not let anyone within 20yards of it..  Such a character and so missed around the farm.


Diamond Way


There will never be enough words to describe the genuiness of this beautiful horse.  aka Rupert was initially breed to run on the flat being out of a mare who came second in the Oaks.  Rupert eventually went hurdling and then chasing  before turning his hand to Point to Pointing.  Rupert  was the most amazing jumper  and could show jump easily around  a  5 ft course.  Rupert was a brilliant hunt and masters horse being very brave leading from the front.  This horse went with Buckledown to his forever loan home where he was loved up until the day he died.  Such a beautiful horse who l hold many memories about.  Rupert belong to one of my best friends a Point-to-Point jockey who got killed whilst riding  another horse in a race.


Emmarr Ti Amo


The day we lost this beautiful filly was just a day too much as we lost her  best friend  also.  Words cannot describe the heart ache and pain l felt at her loss and l have to say l am still feeling it now nearly 2yrs on.  Nothing is the same and l know that some of the passion has gone.  Ti Amo was a horror as a youngster and was a very difficult foal to manage  in terms of doing anything with her, if she could come back today l will take all that again just for her to be here at Emmarr Stud where she belongs.  My dream homebred pony taken at just 2yrs old..


Emmarr De-Medici


Medici what a beautiful loving pony he was.  My lovely memories of him  was when he jumped  as high as a mountain over a pole across a gate way, other beautiful memories of him was when he was lying sleeping with his head in Michaels lap in the paddock.  It was such a sad day when he was PTS with his best friend Ti Amo due to an untreatable illness in both.  That day my heart broke into many pieces and l just know that one or two fragments went with these two babies.  I never ever want to experience  another day like it . I guess l have truly never forgiven myself, although we could have done no more.   Sadly each morning  l still get the vision of poor De-Medici  looking so unwell in his box.  and knowing the outcome.




Who could have believed this could have happened to Lulu at such a young age of just 8yrs old. Absolute devastation and heart break to know that she is not here to share  our life.  She was taken to the vets to remove a loose fang tooth, given anti inflammatory/anti-biotics as gum was infected and Swollen. Became unwell the following day to find out that she had liver and kidney issues, put on  a drip, no improvement so she was PTS. She was such a poorly girl over those last few days.  We are sorry Lulu but we really didn’t know and loved you so much with all our hearts.  We miss you so much and miss you responding each time l sang to you.  I miss the kisses and the cuddles  and the kneading of the arms..  We bought you home so your resting place will always be with us on the farm..