Welsh Mountain Ponies & Miniature Shetlands

Royal Welsh

Well RWAS week was the week we had been so looking forward to with all our wonderful visitors from Holland, Australia, Sweden and local we also had  two friends stay at the house for a couple of nights over this week..  Wow what a week it turned out to be ,  having plucked up the courage to show our two stallions , Baledon Michelangelo and Dyfed Czar  at the famous showground.. How proud we were to see them in the ring but this was not without incident, when Angelo’s bridle broke 2 minutes before entering the ring all credit must go to his handler who did the most amazing job, despite nearly losing the bridle and the added complication of a loose cob colt running about.. How proud we were to see him be called into 8th spot initially , we were happy with that but it got better , after his individual show he was moved up to 6th , and that long awaited card we got. Not bad given this was only Angelo’s second ever appearance in the show ring.   Now not to be out done Dyfed Czar put on a lovely show for his Australian runner , Darryl was so commited to do this despite having broken his leg  just two months before hand, he also had the added complication of a kidney infection, however he soldiered on and showed Dyfed Czar beautifully in the ring the first time he has graced the ring in 3yrs and he came a very pleasing and creditable 7th being beaten by seasoned campaigners most of the one’s in front of him had medalled in the past two years.. He loved his experience and so did we   so thank you everyone for such a great time.